A Leaking roof is due to many reasons. Whether it is because you have been neglecting your roof lately or the result of a heavy storm, a leaking roof is an emergency. Even the smallest leak can quickly worsen, leading to significant property damage and expensive repairs. Hence, the only thought crossing your mind when you spot signs of a leaking roof should be, “I must immediately find a reliable leaking roof repair near me!”

Leaks are caused by missing shingles, faulty flashing or damage in the vents or chimney. It can also result from storm damage.

Dangers of a leaking roof

It is highly unlikely that your roof will spring a leak overnight. However, you must repair a leaking roof immediately or water will work its way into the rest of your house, causing extensive and permanent damage. The damp environment will encourage mold growth that can lead to serious health problems. Water can also seep into electric circuitry, triggering short circuits and electric shocks.

Leaks weaken the roof and reduce its lifespan. Furthermore, continuous water leakage will damage insulation, resulting in more energy usage and higher electricity bills. Unsightly water stains will also impact the appearance of your home.

The good news is that quick response will help to contain the damage and minimize repair costs. Since this is a complicated issue, seek help from a professional leaking roof repair service near you as soon as you notice any of the following signs.

Signs that suggest a roof leak

Water stains and ceiling discoloration are some of the first signs of a leaky roof. You may also see water dripping down or moisture on the walls. Another important sign you shouldn’t ignore is the growth of mold or moss on your exterior walls.

If you observe any of these signs, your roof deserves immediate attention. So, call 210-685-0409 without delay. Get your free quote NOW by clicking here

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