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What to expect during a roof inspection

Regular roof inspection can help you spot most roofing issues. However, certain problems are not immediately obvious and overlooking them can lead to extensive damage. Hence, professional roof inspections should be a priority task in your precautionary...

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San Antonio Metal Roofing

San Antonio Metal Roofing Experts If you looking for a contractor that can deliver a metal roof that will last and withstand the South Texas weather, look no more than Independence Roofing of San Antonio. San Antonio metal roofing contractors have began to install all...

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Tile Roofs or Shingle Roofs?

Tile Roofs or Shingle Roofs, this is a question we are asked often. In San Antonio you can find both tile and shingle style roofing. A lot of the choice is dependent on the weather. In San Antonio, we deal with heat in the summer and in the winter months we typically...

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