Today, the San Antonio roofing experts, Independence Roofing SA will show you that even if we live in a world full of fake news there are still many homeowners who fall for inaccurate information about roof repairs, only to have these incorrect ideas cost them dearly in terms of time and money. This is unfortunate since proper care and prompt intervention can keep a roof in working condition for much longer.

So, let us dissect three common misconceptions about residential roofing and put ourselves in a better position to handle San Antonio roofing issues in future.

#1 Roof repairs are D.I.Y tasks

Amateurs should not attempt roof repairs. Not only is it extremely hazardous, you can also end up doing more damage than what was already present. Roofs are complicated structures with several complex components. Only professional San Antonio roofing contractors can correctly assess the damage, pin-point the cause of an issue and resolve it completely. As experts, they use suitable materials to easily repair and restore the original appearance of your roof.

#2 Inspections are not necessary during the warranty period

You may believe that your warranty will cover potential issues and that you do not need scheduled inspections during this period. Unfortunately, roofing warranties only apply to well-maintained roofs. So, do not wait till your roof shows signs of major damage to call a roofing contractor. Get it professionally inspected by San Antonio roofing experts every year and after adverse weather events to catch issues on time and extend its lifespan.

#3 Roofing materials are all the same

Whether it is for replacements, repair or fresh roof installations, the materials used for the job will affect overall results. Newer products in the market are designed to deliver better results than existing ones. Different options like wooden or asphalt shingles will each have different advantages and disadvantages. So, it is wise to research and compare available options and select materials that are suitable for the climatic conditions and environment of your area.

Independence roofing are San Antonio roofing experts and we are here to help you make the right choices that will keep your property safe. We are a company that will tell you everything straight.

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