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There are many different styles and types of roofs you can install atop your home or business, each one with its own extensive list of pluses and minuses.
Long popular in other parts of the world, San Antonio TX homeowners selecting metal roofs are starting to become much more common. They also have a good number of lasting benefits to homeowners.
These types of metal roofing systems include a wide range of different products and materials, which can vary. Roof replacement from shingle to metal has been overly popular in the last few years.
Repairs are typically minimal, roofing repairs for these types of roofs are almost always covered under warranty of the materials. We recommend always speaking with a qualified contractor when it comes to metal roofing. Serving San Antonio for over 20 years, call us today for a free new roof consultation and inspection.

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    Basics of Standing Seam Metal Type Systems

    These types of metal roofing systems are highly durable and made of vertical panel that interlock together. Standing seam metal systems protect better against water, elements, and can last up to 50 years. Insulation is also a pro when it comes to these types of roofs compared to other types of materials.
    An experienced roofing contractor will be familiar with different types materials and should be knowledgeable on what would work best for residential roofing customers.

    There are primarily five different types of standing seam metal roofs, each with its own unique qualities and characteristics.

    Copper Roofs

    The 5 Types of Metal Roof Materials

    • Copper roofing has been around for centuries, the longest of any type of metal roofing material. It has many advantages, but the best by far is it’s durability.
    • Copper roofs can last for well over 200 years in ideal environments, meaning they will be around far longer than any of us will.
    • Copper is also among the quietest types of roofing, as it’s an extremely soft metal. It’s also recyclable, making it an ideal choice for Green building options. Residential roofing customers have been choosing copper more and more.
    • One caveat – as copper is very soft in nature, you probably wouldn’t want to use it in areas that get frequent hail storms, as it could easily be dented and damaged due to weather conditions.
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      Zinc Roofs

      Roofs made of zinc usually last for more than 100 years. It’s a very popular type of metal roofing for commercial projects, due to the metal’s ability to be be easily formed into different types of shapes.
      This material would be recommended by a roofing professional that is attempting to fulfill the desire of longevity for the client.
      Zinc is also completely recyclable and extremely Green in nature. Like copper, it’s also a very soft material, however, and may not be the best choice in areas where hail storms are prevalent.

      Steel Roofs

      Steel is the most common material for metal roofing, and is used in both residential roofing and in commercial San Antonio TX construction.
      The initial creation of steel roofs can be a bit energy intensive, but the metal is highly recyclable and easy to find. Steel is also the least expensive of the five types of metal roofing systems described here today.
      Steel roofs are comprised of three main types – galvanized, galvalume and weathering steel. Each has its own unique characteristics and are preferable in different circumstances, depending on the project.

      Tin Roofs

      Tin is the least common type of roofing material, but it does have a number of enthusiasts around the country and the world.
      It’s main advantage, however, is that it’s easy to use and can be installed without the need for hiring a professional roofer. So if you want to do the work yourself, tin may be a viable option for you.

      While each of the five types of metal roofing systems have there own unique advantages, the choice often comes down to cost and/or personal preference.



      About Metal Roofs

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Well, that really depends on you, your preferences and your long-term plans and goals for the family home. Statistics do currently show that the popularity of metal roofing is growing in the United States, with market share tripling from medium single digits to low double digits. A new roof will certainly add value to your home, and metal is considered an upgrade and should be factored in if the homeowner is selling the property.

      The growing popularity of these types of roofs is largely due to the longevity and durability of these types of products. Industry experts also point to their environmental benefits, possibly lower insurance rates and a reduction in heating and cooling costs.

      If your roof is made of aluminum or steel shingles, our roofing San Antonio estimates usually come in at around 50 years, but roofs made of copper and zinc can last well over 100 years with minimal roof repair. This means that, on average, will last three to seven times longer than typical asphalt roofs and will likely last longer than the people actually building the home. Our metal roofing San Antonio team of qualified contractors have seen these types of roofs last for 40-50 years with minimal roof replacement needed throughout their lifespan.
      Because of the wide variety of products available in both categories, it’s difficult to make an exact comparison. But they will generally cost a bit more than shingles up front, but can save you money in the long run in lower maintenance, repairs, and energy bills. Roof repairs are also minimal for these types of roofs.
      According to housing industry experts, a metal roof can improve your home’s resale value by 1 to 6 percent when compared with a home that has an asphalt-shingled roof. For Commercial Metal Roof installation, it can increase the value of your business if you own the property.
      Metal objects can cause wireless Internet disruption, so the answer to this question is that yes they could. You can take extra steps to avoid this possibility, however, by purchasing a wireless router with as long a range as possible and locating it near a window to avoid possible interference from your metal roof. Our specialized metal roofing team will give you advice and tips as well on how to deal with this concerns prior to installation.

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